Software Engineering in Practice Accepted Papers

Stories from the Front I

A Three-Year Participant Observation of Software Startup Software Evolution, Andrew Ko
How do Female and Male Software Professionals Work with Others? Insights from the Trenches, Toni James, Matthias Galster, Kelly Blincoe and Grant Miller
Towards Continuous Delivery by Reducing the Feature Freeze Period: A Case Study, Eero Laukkanen, Maria Paasivaara, Juha Itkonen, Casper Lassenius and Teemu Arvonen
Collaborative Identification of Code Smells: A Multi-case Study, Roberto Oliveira, Leonardo Sousa, Rafael Mello, Natasha Valentim, Adriana Lopes, Tayana Conte, Alessandro Garcia, Edson Oliveira and Carlos Lucena

Continuous Integration and Testing

Who Broke the Build? Automatically Identifying Changes That Induce Test Failures In Continuous Integration at Google Scale, Celal Ziftci and Jim Reardon
Characterizing Experimentation in Continuous Deployment: a Case Study on Bing, Katja Kevic, Brendan Murphy, Laurie Williams and Jennifer Beckmann
Online Robustness Testing of Distributed Embedded Systems: an Industrial Approach, Khaled Alnawasreh, Patrizio Pelliccione, Zhenxiao Hao, Mårten Rånge and Antonia Bertolino
Zero-Downtime SQL Database Schema Evolution for Continuous Deployment, Michael de Jong, Arie van Deursen and Anthony Cleve

Stories from the Front II

Crunch Time: The Reasons and Effects of Unpaid Overtime in the Games Industry, Henrik Edholm, Mikaela Lidström, Jan-Philipp Steghöfer and Håkan Burden
Transferring Code-Clone Detection and Analysis to Practice, Yingnong Dang, Dongmei Zhang, Song Ge, Ray Huang, Chengyun Chu and Tao Xie
Software Quality Concerns in the Italian Bank Sector: the Emergence of a Meta-Quality Dimension, Daniel Russo, Paolo Ciancarini, Tommaso Falasconi and Massimo Tomasi
Meeting Industry – Academia Research Collaboration Challenges with agile methodologies, Ivica Crnkovic and Anna Börjesson Sandberg


Taming Google-Scale Continuous Testing, Atif Memon, Zebao Gao, Bao Nguyen, Sanjeev Dhanda, Eric Nickell, Rob Siemborski and John Micco
Analytics-Driven Load Testing: An Industrial Experience Report on Load Testing of Large-Scale Systems, Tse-Hsun Chen, Mark D. Syer, Weiyi Shang, Zhen Ming Jiang, Ahmed E. Hassan, Mohamed Nasser and Parminder Flora.
Automated Test Input Generation for Android: Towards Getting There in an Industrial Case, Haibing Zheng, Dengfeng Li, Xia Zeng, Beihai Liang, Wujie Zheng, Yuetang Deng, Wing Lam, Wei Yang and Tao Xie
An Industrial Evaluation of Unit Test Generation: Finding Real Faults in a Financial Application, Mohammad Moein Almasi, Hadi Hemmati, Gordon Fraser, Andrea Arcuri and Janis Benefelds


Domain Adaptation for Test Report Classification in Crowdsourced Testing, Junjie Wang, Qiang Cui, Song Wang and Qing Wang
CrowdAdvisor: A Framework for Worker Assessment in Crowdsourcing, Kumar Abhinav, Alpana Dubey, Sakshi Jain, Gurdeep Virdi, Alex Kass and Manish Mehta
Leveraging Crowdsourcing For Team Elasticity: An Empirical Evaluation at TopCoder, Razieh Saremi, Ye Yang, Gunther Ruhe and Dave Messinger

Requirements and Documentation

Context-Based Analytics - Establishing Explicit Links between Runtime Traces and Source Code, Jürgen Cito, FaÌ bio Oliveira, Philipp Leitner, Priya Nagpurkar and Harald Gall
Practices and Perceptions of UML Use in Open Source Projects, Truong Ho-Quang, Regina Hebig, Gregorio Robles, Michel R. V. Chaudron and Miguel Angel Fernandez
Automated Example Oriented REST API Documentation at Cisco, S M Sohan, Craig Anslow and Frank Maurer
Supporting Defect Causal Analysis in Practice with Cross-Company Data on Causes of Requirements Engineering Problems, Marcos Kalinowski, Pablo Curty, Aline Paes, Alexandre Ferreira, Rodrigo Spínola, Daniel Méndez Fernández, Michael Felderer and Stefan Wagner


Agile Cultural Challenges in Europe and Asia: Insights from Practitioners, Hajer Ayed, Benoit Vanderose and Naji Habra
When Prototyping Meets Storytelling: Practices and Malpractices in Innovating Software Firms, Raffaele Ciriello, Alexander Richter and Gerhard Schwabe
Scaling Agile Development in Mechatronic Organizations – A Comparative Case Study, Ulrik Eklund and Christian Berger
An Empirical Study of Search-Based Task Scheduling in Global Software Development, Josiane Kroll, Shai Friboim and Hadi Hemmati

Exceptions and Failures

Risk-Based Attack Surface Approximation: How Much Data is Enough?, Christopher Theisen, Brendan Murphy, Kim Herzig and Laurie Williams
Exception Beyond Exception: Crashing Android System by Trapping in "uncaughtException", Jingzheng Wu, Shen Liu, Shouling Ji, Mutian Yang, Yanjun Wu, Yongji Wang and Tianyue Luo
Reducing Failure Analysis Time: An Industrial Evaluation, Mojdeh Golagha, Alexander Pretschner, Dominik Fisch and Roman Nagy
Prioritizing Security Bug Fixes: A Novel Text Analytics Approach, Pete Rotella, Cody Peeples and Mark-David McLaughlin