Doctoral Symposium Accepted Research Proposals

Full Papers

Improving Bug Reporting, Duplicate Detection, and Localization Oscar Chaparro
Fragility and Evolution of Android Test Suites Riccardo Coppola
A Game-Theoretic Decision-Making Framework for Engineering Self-Protecting Software Systems Mahsa Emami-Taba
Field Testing of Software Applications Luca Gazzola
Efficient Fuzz Testing Leveraging Input, Code, and Execution Nikolas Havrikov
Local Analysis for Global Inputs Alexander Kampmann
Managing Assurance Cases in Model Based Software Systems Sahar Kokaly
Artifact Driven Communication To Improve Program Comprehension Juraj Kubelka
Selection of Software Components from Business Objectives Scenarios through Architectural Tactics Gaston Marquez
Dynamic Update of Business Process Management Leandro Nahabedian
A Model-Based Approach Towards the Building of Trustworthy Software-Intensive Systems-of-Systems Valdemar Vicente Graciano Neto
A Content-Based Recommender System for Configuration of Extended Product Line Juliana Alves Pereira
Topic-Driven Testing Andreas Rau
Debugging with Probabilistic Event Structures Ezekiel Soremekun

Poster Papers

Quality Attributes and Preferences on the Synthesis of Reactive Systems Ezequiel Gustavo Castellano
Principles of Usable Programming Language Design Michael Coblenz
Flexible In-The-Field Monitoring Oscar Cornejo
Predictive Analysis of Self-Adaptive Systems Patrícia Araújo de Oliveira
Elicitation of Delightful Context-Aware Features: Challenges and Outlook Rodrigo Falcão
Effective Bug Triage for Non-Reproducible Bugs Anjali Goyal
Advancing Energy Testing of Mobile Applications Reyhaneh Jabbarvand
Lost in Source Code: Physically Separating Features in Legacy Systems Jacob Krüger
Product Line Architecture Recovery: An Approach Proposal Crescencio Lima
Preventing and Repairing Build Breakage Christian Macho
Combining Machine-Learning with Invariants Assurance Techniques for Autonomous Systems Piergiuseppe Mallozzi
Reducing energy consumption of resource-intensive scientific mobile applications via code refactoring Ana Victoria Rodriguez
Uncovering Features in Kindred Programs Fang Hsiang Su
Search-based Adaptation Planning Framework for Self-Adaptive Systems Lu Wang
Continuous Management of Design- and Run-Time Artifacts for Self-Adaptive Systems Rebekka Wohlrab
Towards Addressing the Patch Overfitting Problem Qi Xin