ACM Student Research Competition Accepted Research Abstracts

  • Live Programming the Behavioral Layer of Robots by Miguel,Campusano
  • Empirical Investigation of Correlation between Rewards and Crowdsource-based Software Developers by Hina Gul Afridi,
  • Sodalite: A Safer Blockchain Programming Language by Michael Coblenz
  • Locating Energy Hotspots in Source Code by Rui Pereira
  • Using Eye Gaze Data to Recognize Task-Relevant Source Code Better and More Fine-Grained by Katja Kevic
  • Improving Test Execution Time with Improved Cache Locality by Panagiotis Stratis
  • Runtime Collaborative-Based Configuration of Software Product Lines by Juliana Alves Pereira
  • A Game-Theoretic Decision-Making Framework for Engineering Self-Protecting Software Systems by Mahsa Emami-Taba
  • Software Certification in Practice: How Are Standards Being Applied? by Gabriel Ferreira
  • On Software Odysseys and How to Prevent Them by Simone Scalabrino