Software Engineering Education and Training Accepted Papers

Online Learning

  • Using and Collecting Fine-Grained Usage Data to Improve Online Learning Materials by Leo Leppänen, Juho Leinonen, Petri Ihantola and Arto Hellas
  • Teaching Software Engineering Principles to K-12 Students: A MOOC on Scratch by Felienne Hermans and Efthimia Aivaloglou [preprint]
  • Flipping a Graduate-Level Software Engineering Foundations Course by Hakan Erdogmus and Cecile Peraire [preprint]
  • Teaching Software Testing Concepts using a Mutation Testing Game by Benjamin S. Clegg, José Miguel Rojas and Gordon Fraser [preprint]

Emerging Topics in SE Education

  • Assessing IoT Projects in University Education -- A Framework for Problem-based Learning by Hanna Mäenpää, Samu Varjonen, Arto Hellas, Tomi Männistö and Sasu Tarkoma
  • DataLab: Introducing Software Engineering Thinking into Data Science Education at Scale by Yang Zhang, Tingjian Zhang, Yongzheng Jia, Jiao Sun, Fangzhou Xu and Wei Xu
  • Parallelizing Audio Analysis Applications - A Case Study by Ali Jannesari and Zia Ul Huda [preprint]
  • Injecting Safety-Critical Thinking into Graduate Software Engineering Projects by Jane Cleland-Huang and Mona Rahimi [preprint]

Creativity and Collaboration

  • The Students' Perspectives on Applying Design Thinking for the Design of Mobile Applications by Natasha Valentim, Williamson Silva and Tayana Conte [preprint]
  • Chaordic Learning: A Case Study by Stephan Krusche, Irina Camilleri, Andreas Seitz, Cecil Wöbker, Kirill Krinkin and Bernd Bruegge [preprint]
  • Effects of Facilitation on Collaborative Modeling Sessions with a Multi-Touch UML Editor by Anke Dittmar, Gregor Buchholz and Mathias Kühn
  • E-Mentoring for Software Engineering: A Socio-technical Perspective by Erik Trainer, Arun Kalyanasundaram and James Herbsleb [preprint]

Teching Agile

  • Lean Learning - Applying Lean Techniques to Improve Software Engineering Education by Robert Chatley and Tony Field [preprint]
  • Teaching Agile Model-Driven Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems by Jan Oliver Ringert, Christoph Schulze, Bernhard Rumpe and Andreas Wortmann [preprint]
  • What can Students Get from a Software Engineering Capstone Course? by María Cecilia Bastarrica, Daniel Perovich and Maíra Marques
  • Do High and Low Performing Student Teams Use Scrum Differently in Capstone Projects? by Maria Paasivaara, Jari Vanhanen, Ville Tomi Heikkilä, Casper Lassenius, Juha Itkonen and Eero Laukkanen [preprint]

Games and Gamification

  • Quality of Games for Teaching Software Engineering: An Analysis of Empirical Evidences of Digital and Non-digital Games by Giani Petri, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim and Adriano Borgatto [preprint]
  • Game elements in a software engineering study group: a case study by Patrícia G. F. Matsubara and Caroline L. C. Da Silva [preprint]
  • Games for Learning: Bridging Game-related Education Methods to Software Enginering Knowledge Areas by Mauricio Souza, Lucas Veado, Renata Moreira, Eduardo Figueiredo and Heitor Costa [preprint]
  • A Large-scale Evaluation of a Model for the Evaluation of Games for Teaching Software Engineering by Giani Petri, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim and Adriano F. Borgatto [preprint]