Research Track

Wednesday (11:00 - 12:30)

Documentation (Libertador A)

Session Chair: Jane Cleland-Huang

  • Analyzing APIs Documentation and Code to Detect Directive Defects by Yu Zhou, Ruihang Gu, Taolue Chen, Zhiqiu Huang, Sebastiano Panichella and Harald Gall [preprint]
  • An Unsupervised Approach for Discovering Relevant Tutorial Fragments for APIs by He Jiang, Jingxuan Zhang, Zhilei Ren and Tao Zhang [preprint]
  • Detecting User Story Information in Developer-Client Conversations to Generate Extractive Summaries by Paige Rodeghero, Siyuan Jiang, Ameer Armaly and Collin McMillan
  • Keyword Search for Building Service-Based Systems by Qiang He and Rui Zhou and Xuyun Zhang and Yanchun Wang and Dayong Ye and Feifei Chen and John Grundy and Yun Yang

Program Analysis I (Libertador B)

Session Chair: Michael Pradel

  • SPAIN: Security Patch Analysis for Binaries - Towards Understanding the Pain and Pills by Zhengzi Xu, Bihuan Chen, Mahinthan Chandramohan, Yang Liu and Fu Song
  • TRAVIOLI: A Dynamic Analysis for Detecting Data-Structure Traversals by Rohan Padhye and Koushik Sen [preprint]
  • ProEva: Runtime Proactive Performance Evaluation Based on Continuous-Time Markov Chains by Guoxin Su, Taolue Chen, Yuan Feng and David Rosenblum [preprint]
  • Software Numerical Instability Detection and Diagnosis by Combining Stochastic and Infinite-precision Testing by Enyi Tang and Xiangyu Zhang and Norbert Th. Muller and Zhenyu Chen and Xuandong Li

Concurrency (Retiro A)

Session Chair: Carlo Alberto Furia

  • Efficient Detection of Thread Safety Violations via Coverage-Guided Generation of Concurrent Tests by Ankit Choudhary, Shan Lu and Michael Pradel
  • RClassify: Classifying Race Conditions in Web Applications via Deterministic Replay by Lu Zhang and Chao Wang
  • Repairing Event Race Errors by Controlling Nondeterminism by Christoffer Quist Adamsen, Anders Møller, Rezwana Karim, Manu Sridharan, Frank Tip and Koushik Sen [preprint]
  • Hierarchical Program Paths by Chunbai Yang and Shangru Wu and W.K. Chan

Wednesday (14:00 - 15:30)

Refactoring (Libertador A)

Session Chair: Danny Dig

  • Clone Refactoring with Lambda Expressions by Nikolaos Tsantalis, Davood Mazinanian and Shahriar Rostami Dovom [preprint]
  • Characterizing and Detecting Anti-patterns in the Logging Code by Boyuan Chen and Zhen Ming Jack Jiang [preprint]
  • Automated Refactoring of Legacy Java Software to Default Methods by Raffi Khatchadourian and Hidehiko Masuhara
  • Using Cohesion and Coupling for Software Remodularization: Is it Enough? by Ivan Candela and Gabriele Bavota and Barbara Russo and Rocco Oliveto

Dependability, Security, and Privacy (Libertador B)

Session Chair: Antonio Filieri

  • How Good is a Security Policy against Real Breaches? A HIPAA Case Study by Ozgur Kafali, Jasmine Jones, Megan Petruso, Laurie Williams and Munindar P. Singh [preprint]
  • Adaptive Coverage and Operational Profile-based Testing for Reliability Improvement by Antonia Bertolino, Breno Miranda, Roberto Pietrantuono and Stefano Russo [preprint]
  • Mining Privacy Goals from Privacy Policies using Hybridized Task Re-composition by Jaspreet Bhatia and Travis Breaux and Florian Schaub
  • Safety Evidence Change Impact Analysis in Practice by Jose Luis de la Vara and Markus Borg and Krzysztof Wnuk and Leon Moonen

Search-Based Software Engineering (Libertador C)

Session Chair: Lars Grunske

  • Search-driven String Constraint Solving for Vulnerability Detection by Julian Thome, Lwin Khin Shar, Domenico Bianculli and Lionel Briand [preprint]
  • A Guided Genetic Algorithm for Automated Crash Reproduction by Mozhan Soltani, Annibale Panichella and Arie Van Deursen [preprint]
  • Stochastic Optimization of Program Obfuscation by Han Liu, Chengnian Sun, Zhendong Su, Yu Jiang, Ming Gu and Jiaguang Sun
  • SIP: Optimal Product Selection from Feature Models using Many-Objective Evolutionary Optimisation by Rob Mark Hierons and Miqing Li and XiaoHui Liu and Sergio Segura and Wei Zheng [preprint]

Wednesday (16:00 - 17:30)

Software Process (Libertador A)

Session Chair: Daniela Damian

  • Software Development Waste by Todd Sedano, Paul Ralph and Cécile Péraire [preprint]
  • Becoming Agile: A Grounded Theory of Agile Transitions in Practice by Rashina Hoda and James Noble [preprint]
  • From Diversity by Numbers to Diversity as Process: Supporting Inclusiveness in Software Teams with Brainstorming by Anna Filippova, Erik Trainer and James Herbsleb [preprint]
  • Process Aspects and Social Dynamics of Contemporary Code Review: Insghts from Open Source Development and Industrial Practice at Microsoft by A. Bosu and J. Carver and C. Bird and J. Orbeck and C. Chockley

Testing I (Libertador B)

Session Chair: Lionel Briand

  • Syntactic and Semantic Differencing for Combinatorial Models of Test Designs by Rachel Tzoref-Brill and Shahar Maoz [preprint]
  • Balancing Soundness and Efficiency for Practical Testing of Configurable Systems by Sabrina Souto, Marcelo d'Amorim and Rohit Gheyi [preprint]
  • Automatic Input Generation for Mobile Testing by Peng Liu, Xiangyu Zhang, Marco Pistoia, Yunhui Zheng, Manoel Marques and Lingfei Zeng
  • A Test-Suite Diagnosability Metric for Spectrum-based Fault Localization Approaches by Alexandre Perez, Rui Abreu and Arie van Deursen [preprint]

Mobile Application Security (Libertador C)

Session Chair: Eric Bodden

  • Making Malory Behave Maliciously: Targeted Fuzzing of Android Execution Environments by Siegfried Rasthofer, Steven Arzt, Stefan Triller and Michael Pradel [preprint]
  • A SEALANT for Inter-App Security Holes in Android by Youn Kyu Lee, Jae Young Bang, Gholamreza Safi, Arman Shahbazian, Yixue Zhao and Nenad Medvidovic [preprint]
  • An Efficient, Robust, and Scalable Approach for Analyzing Interacting Android Apps by Yutaka Tsutano, Shakthi Bachala, Witawas Srisa-An, Gregg Rothermel and Jackson Dinh
  • A Taxonomy and Qualitative Comparison of Program Analysis Techniques for Security Assessment of Android Apps by Alireza Sadeghi and Hamid Bagheri and Joshua Garcia and sam Malek

Thursday (11:00 - 12:30)

Web Applications (Libertador A)

Session Chair: William Halfond

  • ZenIDS: Introspective Intrusion Detection for PHP Applications by Byron Hawkins and Brian Demsky [preprint]
  • Statically Checking Web API Requests in JavaScript by Erik Wittern, Annie T. T. Ying, Yunhui Zheng, Julian Dolby and Jim A. Laredo [preprint]
  • On Cross-stack Configuration Errors by Mohammed Sayagh, Noureddine Kerzazi and Bram Adams [preprint]
  • Finding and Evaluating the Performance Impact of Redundant Data Access for Applications Using ORM by Tse-Hsun Chen and Weiyi Shang and Zhen Ming Jiang and Ahmed E. Hassan and Mohamed Nasser and Parminder Flora [preprint]

Recommendation Systems (Libertador B)

Session Chair: Christian Bird

  • Supporting Software Developers with a Holistic Recommender System by Luca Ponzanelli, Simone Scalabrino, Gabriele Bavota, Andrea Mocci, Rocco Oliveto, Massimiliano Di Penta and Michele Lanza [preprint]
  • Recommending and Localizing Change Requests for Mobile Apps based on User Reviews by Fabio Palomba, Pasquale Salza, Adelina Ciurumelea, Sebastiano Panichella, Harald Gall, Filomena Ferrucci and Andrea De Lucia [preprint]
  • Machine Learning-Based Detection of Open Source License Exceptions by Christopher Vendome, Mario Linares-Vásquez, Gabriele Bavota, Massimiliano Di Penta, Daniel German and Denys Poshyvanyk
  • Supporting Change Impact Analysis Using a Recommendation System: An Industrial Case Study in a Safety-Critical Context by Markus Borg and Krzysztof Wnuk and Bjorn Regnell and Per Runeson

Debugging (Libertador C)

Session Chair: Andreas Zeller

  • Performance Diagnosis for Inefficient Loops by Linhai Song and Shan Lu [preprint]
  • How do Developers Fix Cross-project Correlated Bugs? A case study on the GitHub scientific Python ecosystem by Wanwangying Ma, Lin Chen, Xiangyu Zhang, Yuming Zhou and Baowen Xu [preprint]
  • Feedback-Based Debugging by Yun Lin, Jun Sun, Yinxing Xue, Yang Liu and Jinsong Dong
  • A Framework for Evaluating the Results of the SZZ Approach For Identifying Bug-Introducing Changes by Daniel Alencar da Costa and Shane McIntosh and Weiyi Shang and Uira Kulesza and Roberta Coelho and Ahmed Hassan

Thursday (14:00 - 15:30)

Studies of Software Developers (Libertador A)

Session Chair: Christian Kästner

  • Classifying Developers into Core and Peripheral: An Empirical Study on Count and Network Metrics by Mitchell Joblin, Sven Apel, Claus Hunsen and Wolfgang Mauerer [preprint]
  • Decoding the representation of code in the brain: An fMRI study of code review and expertise by Benjamin Floyd, Tyler Santander and Westley Weimer [preprint]
  • Understanding the Impressions, Motivations, and Barriers of One Time Code Contributors to FLOSS Projects: A Survey by Amanda Lee, Jeffrey Carver and Amiangshu Bosu [preprint]
  • The Role of Ethnographic studies in Empirical Software Engineering by Helen Sharp and Yvonne Dittrich and Cleidson R. B. de Souza

Program Synthesis and Repair (Libertador B)

Session Chair: Abhik Roychoudhury

  • Learning Syntactic Program Transformations from Examples by Reudismam Rolim, Gustavo Soares, Loris D'antoni, Oleksandr Polozov, Sumit Gulwani, Rohit Gheyi, Ryo Suzuki and Bjorn Hartmann
  • Precise Condition Synthesis for Program Repair by Yingfei Xiong, Jie Wang, Runfa Yan, Jiachen Zhang, Shi Han, Gang Huang and Lu Zhang [preprint]
  • Heuristically Matching Formula Solution Spaces to Efficiently Reuse Solutions by Andrea Aquino, Giovanni Denaro and Mauro Pezze' [preprint]
  • Multi-step learning and adaptive search for learning complex model transformations from examples by Islem Baki and Houari Sahraoui

Testing II (Libertador C)

Session Chair: Antonia Bertolino

  • Automated Transplantation and Differential Testing for Clones by Tianyi Zhang and Miryung Kim [preprint]
  • Code Defenders: Crowdsourcing Effective Tests and Subtle Mutants with a Mutation Testing Game by José Miguel Rojas, Thomas White, Benjamin Clegg and Gordon Fraser [preprint]
  • Optimizing Test Placement for Module-Level Regression Testing by August Shi, Suresh Thummalapenta, Shuvendu Lahiri, Nikolaj Bjorner and Jacek Czerwonka [preprint]
  • Learning to Prioritize Test Programs for Compiler Testing by Junjie Chen, Yanwei Bai, Dan Hao, Yingfei Xiong, Hongyu Zhang and Bing Xie [preprint]

Thursday (16:00 - 17:30)

Development Tools and Frameworks (Libertador A)

Session Chair: Ciera Jaspan

  • RADAR: A Lightweight Tool for Requirements and Architecture Decision Analysis by Saheed Busari and Emmanuel Letier [preprint]
  • PEoPL: Projectional Editing of Product Lines by Benjamin Behringer, Jochen Palz and Thorsten Berger [preprint]
  • Do Developers Read Compiler Error Messages? by Titus Barik, Justin Smith, Kevin Lubick, Elisabeth Holmes, Jing Feng, Emerson Murphy-Hill and Chris Parnin [preprint]
  • A General Framework for Dynamic Stub Injection by Maria Christakis, Patrick Emmisberger, Patrice Godefroid and Peter Müller [preprint]

Testing and Debugging (Libertador B)

Session Chair: Martin Monperrus

  • An Empirical Study on Mutation, Statement and Branch Coverage Fault Revelation that Avoids the Unreliable Clean Program Assumption by Titcheu Chekam Thierry, Mike Papadakis, Yves Le Traon and Mark Harman
  • Evaluating and Improving Fault Localization by Spencer Pearson, José Campos, René Just, Gordon Fraser, Rui Abreu, Michael D. Ernst, Deric Pang and Benjamin Keller [preprint]
  • A Survey on Metamorphic Testing by Sergio Segura and Gordon Fraser and Ana B. Sanchez and Antonio Ruiz-Cortés [preprint]
  • A Dissection of Test-Driven Development: Does It Really Matter to Test-First or to Test-Last by Davide Fucci and Hakan Erdogmus and Burak Turhan and Markku Oivo and Natalia Juristo

Traceability (Libertador C)

Session Chair: Laura Dillon

  • Semantically Enhanced Software Traceability Using Deep Learning Techniques by Jin Guo, Jinghui Cheng and Jane Cleland-Huang [preprint]
  • Can Latent Topics in Source Code Predict Missing Architectural Tactics? by Raghuram Gopalakrishnan, Palak Sharma, Mehdi Mirakhorli and Matthias Galster
  • Preventing Defects: The Impact of Traceability Completeness on Software Quality by Patrick Rempel and Patrick Mader
  • Imprecise Matching of Requirements Specifications for Software Services using Fuzzy Logic by Marie C. Platenius and Wilhelm Schafer and Ammar Shaker and Eyke Hullermeier and Matthias Becker

Friday (11:00 - 12:30)

Formal Methods (Libertador A)

Session Chair: Domenico Bianculli

  • Symbolic Model Extraction for Web Application Verification by Ivan Bocic and Tevfik Bultan
  • UML Diagram Refinement by Shmuel Tyszberowicz and David Faitelson [preprint]
  • Impact-Driven Process Model Repair by Artem Polyvyanyy and Wil van der Aalst and Arthur ter Hofstede and Moe Wynn
  • GK-Tail+ An Efficient Approach to Learn Precise Software Models by Leonardo Mariani and Mauro Pezze and Mauro Santoro

Mining Software Repositories (Libertador B)

Session Chair: Massimiliano Di Penta

  • Exploring API Embedding for API Usages and Applications by Trong Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Hung Phan and Tien Nguyen
  • Unsupervised Software-Specific Morphological Forms Inference from Informal Discussions by Chunyang Chen, Zhenchang Xing and Ximing Wang [preprint]
  • Generating API Call Rules from Version History and StackOverflow Posts by Shams Azad and Peter Christopher Rigby, Latifa Gerrouj
  • Mining Sequences of Developer Interactions in Visual Studio for Usage Smells by Kostadin Damevski and David Shepherd and Johannes Schneider and Lori Pollock

Software Evolution (Libertador C)

Session Chair: Alberto Bacchelli

  • Fuzzy Fine-grained Code-history Analysis by Francisco Servant and James Jones
  • To Type or Not to Type: Quantifying Preventable Bugs in JavaScript by Zheng Gao, Christian Bird and Earl Barr
  • The Evolution of Continuous Experimentation in Software Product Development by Aleksander Fabijan, Pavel Dmitriev, Helena Holmström Olsson and Jan Bosch [preprint]
  • Approaches to Co-Evolution of Metamodels and Models: A Survey by Regina Hebig and Djamel Khelladi and Reda Bendraou

Friday (14:00 - 15:30)

Defect Prediction (Libertador A)

Session Chair: Marcelo d'Amorim

  • What Causes My Test Alarm? Automatic Cause Analysis for Test Alarms in System and Integration Testing by Jiang He, Li Xiaochen, Yang Zijiang and Xuan Jifeng [preprint]
  • An Improved SDA based Defect Prediction Framework for both Within-project and Cross-project Class-imbalance Problems by Xiao-Yuan Jing and Fei Wu and Xiwei Dong and Baowen Xu
  • An Empirical Comparison of Model Validation Techniques for Defect Prediction Models by Chakkrit Tantithamthavorn and Shane McIntosh and Ahmed Hassan and Kenichi Matsumoto [preprint]
  • The Use of Summation to Aggregate Software Metrics Hinders the Performance of Defect Prediction Models by Feng Zhang and Ahmed E. Hassan and Shane McIntosh and Ying Zou

Program Analysis II (Libertador B)

Session Chair: Frank Tip

  • The Value of Exact Analysis in Requirements Selection by Lingbo Li and Mark Harman and Fan Wu and Yuanyuan Zhang
  • Challenges for Static Analysis of Java Reflection -- Literature Review and Empirical Study by Davy Landman, Alexander Serebrenik and Jurgen Vinju [preprint]
  • Machine-Learning-Guided Selectively Unsound Static Analysis by Kihong Heo, Hakjoo Oh and Kwangkeun Yi [preprint]
  • Glacier: Transitive Class Immutability for Java by Michael Coblenz, Whitney Nelson, Jonathan Aldrich, Brad Myers and Joshua Sunshine [preprint]

Mobile Application Developement (Libertador C)

Session Chair: Sam Malek

  • LibD: Scalable and Precise Third-party Library Detection in Android Markets by Menghao Li, Wei Wang, Pei Wang, Shuai Wang, Dinghao Wu, Jian Liu, Rui Xue and Wei Huo [preprint]
  • Analysis and Testing of Notifications in Android Wear Applications by Hailong Zhang and Atanas Rountev [preprint]
  • Adaptive Unpacking of Android Apps by Lei Xue, Xiapu Luo, Le Yu, Shuai Wang and Dinghao Wu
  • A Survey of App Store Analysis for Software Engineering by Martin, William and Sarro, Federica and Jia, Yue and Zhang, Yuanyuan and Harman, Mark