Awards and Keynotes Track

Wednesday (8:30 - 10:30)

Awards I (Libertador A + B)

Presenters: Alessandro Orso and Martin Robillard (PC Chairs)

  • ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards (To be announced at the session)
  • Distinguished Reviewers (To be announced at the session)

Keynote I (Libertador A + B)

Mike Milinkovich: Open Collaboration, the Eclipse Way

Thursday (8:30 - 10:30)

Awards II (Libertador A + B)

Presenter: Rick Kazman (TCSE Chair)

  • IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Service Award: Václav Rajlich, Wayne State University, USA
  • IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Education Award: David Garlan, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Synergy Award: IBM Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS), Canada
  • IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Leadership Award: Mary Shaw, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Presenters: David Shepherd, Natalia Juristo (SEIP Chairs) and Diomidis Spinellis (IEEE Software EIC)

IEEE Software Award: Software Engineering in Practice Best Paper Award:
M. Moein Almasi, Hadi Hemmati, Gordon Fraser, Andrea Arcuri, Janis Benefelds "An Industrial Evaluation of Unit Test Generation: Finding Real Faults in a Financial Application"

Keynote II (Libertador A + B)

Moshe Vardi: The Automated-Reasoning Revolution: From Theory to Practice and Back

Friday (8:30 - 10:30)

Awards III (Libertador A + B)

Presenter: Nenad Medvidovic (ACM SIGSOFT Chair)

  • ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Service Award: Laura Dillon, Michigan State Univ., USA
  • ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award: Daniel Jackson, MIT, USA (For foundational contributions to software modeling, the creation of the modeling language Alloy, and the development of a widely used tool supporting model verification.)
  • ACM SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award: Bertrand Meyer, Politecnico di Milano & Innopolis University
  • ACM SIGSOFT Frank Anger Memorial Award: Ivan Ruchkin, CMU, USA
  • ACM SIGSOFT Impact Paper Award: Roy T. Fielding and Richard N. Taylor "Principled design of the modern Web architecture"
  • ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award: Srdan Krstic, ETH Zurich
  • ACM SIGSOFT Early Career Research Award: Christian Bird, Microsoft Research, USA

Plenary - Harland Mills Award (Libertador A + B)

Pamela Zave: Using Software Engineering to Teach Networking

Plenary - SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award (Libertador A + B)

Daniel Jackson: The Alloyed Joys of Software Engineering Research